New figures show Bexar County residents used 328 gallons of gasoline last year, according to numbers released by the Sierra Club on Monday.

That put the county 10th on a national gas consumption list of all counties in the United States.

In total, residents used about 683 million gallons. That number trails only Tarrant, Harris, and Dallas counties in Texas.

The numbers come as gas prices ticked down over the weekend in San Antonio, falling to an average of $3.51 per gallon, according to website

That’s down from $3.55 a few days ago.

Residents at local gas stations were not surprised by Bexar County’s gas use.

“This city is growing, and the traffic is doing nothing but going up,” said Tim Pawlik, a local mechanic.

Others said people have to drive more in the county because public transportation does not go everywhere.

“I have to go to school on the other side of town,” said Danny Hewtty, at a downtown gas station. “I have to drive a lot.”