Boerne truck stop debate over?

Mayor: Travel center not an appropriate use of the land

Author: Tim Gerber , Reporter,
Published On: Jan 16 2013 05:57:15 PM CST
BOERNE, Texas -

It appears the fight over a potential truck stop in the city of Boerne will come to an end.

Boerne Mayor Mike Schultz told reporters at a news conference Wednesday afternoon the city has determined a truck stop would not be a good fit for the area.

"Staff has determined that the travel center, as presented in preliminary discussions, is not an appropriate use of that location based on our city's current zoning ordinance," Schultz said.

Under the current zoning ordinance there is no land in the city of Boerne that would be suitable for a truck stop.

The city has had preliminary discussions with Pilot Flying J about building a travel center on a portion of 28 acres located off of Shooting Club Road but no deals had been made.

The city was petitioned by the land owner who is selling the property last November to have the land annexed by the city, which would make the property more attractive to buyers because they could hook up to the city's water and sewer.

Schultz said the city has been interested in the land for nearly two years because they would like to expand the city's growing industrial park on that property. They still plan to move forward with the annexation process.

The issue has riled up the community. Dozens of citizens packed a City Council meeting last week and urged the council not to allow a big truck stop to move in.

A flurry of phone calls, emails and an online petition that racked up hundreds of signatures in just a few days put pressure on the city but the Schultz said he was not bowing to political pressure.

He hoped the city's land use determination would end the raging public debate about the truck stop.

"It ends on the part of the potential travel center people that we had been talking about on use of that site," Schultz said. "Just prior to coming in here, staff notified them of the press conference and what our land use determination was and that was the end of that conversation."

Toni Anne Dashiell, one of the leaders of Boerne Citizens Against Truck Stops, said the Mayor's announcement was a "victory for the residents of Boerne and Kendall County."

Dashiell said she will encourage citizens to attend next Tuesday's city council meeting to thank the city leaders for their decision.

She said the group will now push the city to update its zoning ordinances to prevent any future truck stop developments from being considered.