A decade after severe flooding affected more than 100 homes near Woodlawn Lake, some major relief is finally in sight.

Over $30 million in improvements on the line for that area in the upcoming bond election.

Herlinda Herrera remembers the flood of 2002 vividly and relives it on a smaller scale with almost every heavy rainfall.

"The last time we had a really hard rain, the water came into the house again." Herrera said.

She and others in the Donaldson Terrace Neighborhood, just northwest of downtown between Bandera and St. Cloud, are eagerly waiting for the bond election which will provide much needed renovations to drainage. 

"All the water accumulates and comes into our area, and just goes right down into Woodlawn Lake," said Diana Diaz, Donaldson Terrace Association President. "There is a lot of need in our area. It is an older area and older homes." 

"We've been very aggressive in addressing the drainage issues that we have in the district," said Cris Medina, District 7 Councilman. 

The plan includes a vacant plot of land that will become a retaining pond for the area which will help take 300 homes out of the floodplain. 

"Any home that we can pull out of that floodplain and get out of flooding someone's home is a huge win for the neighborhood and the community," Medina said.

"Hopefully before I die something will get done," Herrera said. Early voting begins April 30.