SABINAL, Texas -

Lisa Gonzales and Richard Aguilar said they took their eyes off their son for a second on Sunday, only to see him chasing after a balloon that landed near a chained pitbull in a neighbor’s yard.

“He got in through a huge hole in the fence,” said Richard Aguilar, the boy’s father. “By the time I raced over there, I just couldn’t get there in time."

The boy, Isaiah Ray Aguilar, 2, was attacked by that pitbull, and was lifeless by the time his father could pull him away.

He was later pronounced dead at a hospital in Uvalde.

“Why was there that hole in the fence?” Aguilar said. “They knew that dog was vicious, because they raised it that way.”

The dog’s owners witnessed the attack, according to Aguilar, and did nothing to stop it.

No one at the home where the dog was chained would speak about the incident.

The Sabinal Police Department was closed for President’s Day Monday and no calls for comment were returned.