"Casa Verde" is a program offered to income-qualified customers of CPS Energy in order to make their homes more energy efficient.

"What we do is we go in and evaluate the home and see what weatherization measures that we can offer the customer, " said Yvonne Casanova, spokeswoman for CPS Energy.

The No. 1 issue customers have: Not properly sealing their doors and windows.

"A lot of customers don't realize that they might be losing heat or cooling during the summer via their windows and doors," said Casanova.

More information can be found on CPS Energy's website, but you cannot request the service online.

Because the program is needs-based, you will need to bring documentation to the specified customer service centers.

If you don't qualify for the program, there is a very simple thing you can do to curb your energy costs.

"Try to keep the thermostat settings at 78 during the summer and 68 during the winter," said Jose Martinez, of Road Runner Weatherization, a contract provider for the Casa Verde program.

CPS Energy hopes to have 1,600 homes weatherized by January. It's a project they say will benefit all of its customers.

"This is an additional way to help customers save money while also making homes more energy efficient and helping CPS save energy as well," said Casanova