Campaign Targets 'Fat Talk'

National Campaign Aims To Silence Fat Talk

Author: Jennifer Dodd , Reporter,
Published On: Nov 14 2011 11:43:14 AM CST   Updated On: Oct 21 2011 06:38:45 AM CDT

The owner of Studio A Pilates studio, Aida Zorrilla, has many women come to her to try and lose weight.

"They come in because they want to get rid of this and that and lift this and lift that," Zorrilla said.

Over the years, she noticed her clients spent a whole lot of time talking about fat.

"'Does my butt look big in this?' 'Oh, I can't eat that, because I'm fat,'" Zorrilla said.

Zorrilla said it wasn't until she heard about Fat Talk Free Week that she realized just how detrimental "fat talk" could be to a healthy frame of mind -- and a healthy frame.

Fat Talk Free Week started in 2008 mostly on college campuses, including Trinity University.

Now, it's a national campaign with the goal of putting a stop to fat talk.

"I just fell in love with the program. I started to see how it benefited all of us here in the studio. We decided that the studio would make the commitment to begin a fat talk-free zone," Zorrilla said.

But, she said, it's also important, in a city with an undeniable obesity problem, to understand the message isn't to ignore fat, but instead to approach the conversation of weight differently.

"The more we begin to say 'I really love my body,' the more we are going to want to treat it well," Zorrilla said.

Fat Talk Free Week ends Sunday.