Cancun remains popular destination despite violence

Author: Jennifer Dodd , Reporter,
Published On: Dec 21 2012 07:34:30 PM CST

In December, 13 bodies were found in a truck near Monterrey, Mexico.

A few days later, seven people were killed in a drug-related shootout in Vera Cruz,

According to Mexican authorities, 11 people died in a drug-related gun battle in Sinaloa in July.

With violent slayings, with sometimes dozens of victims, it's no surprise families are concerned about traveling to Mexico for vacation.

"That's certainly understandable," said Liz Jauer of Rennert Travel in San Antonio.

But Jauer said the concern is short-lived when it comes to Cancun. Jauer said the popular tourist destination hasn't seen a decline in tourism due to drug-related violence.

According to research from Travel Leaders Group, Cancun ranks second among international travel destinations.

"It's a glorious area with so many advantages to it," Jauer said.

Violence, though, has slowed travel to some other areas of Mexico, Jauer said.

"Areas we've maybe seen a little bit of reduction, Manzanilla, Puerto Vallarta, but it's been small," Jauer said.

According to a map made by information compiled by The Economist, the majority of the drug related murders in Mexico were concentrated in Nuevo Leon, followed by Chihuahua and Sinaloa, states that are quite a distance from Cancun.

While Cancun has been shielded from violence, it is not immune to cartel activity.

Another map compiled by The Economist shows cartel activity by one of Mexico's largest drug cartel groups from Nuevo Leon all the way to the tip of the Yucatan.

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