A cat who lost part of his leg in an illegal metal animal trap is recovering, and investigators with Animal Care Services are out to find out who is responsible.

The cat, who ACS workers have named “Oreo," lost part of his left front leg in the jaws of the trap.

Audra Houghton, animal cruelty specialist, said the animal will have to undergo surgery to complete the amputation.

“Sometimes the animal will struggle, trying to get free, and end up doing more damage,” she said.

Houghton said Oreo tried to run away after being caught in the trap which was set on private property somewhere on Division Avenue, south of downtown.

Part of the chain attached to the trap then got stuck on a fence.

The traps, she said, are usually used to capture raccoons or other small animals that some people consider to be nuisances.

Houghton said she is not sure whether the trap was set purposely for the cat. Either way, though, it is illegal to use them in the city of San Antonio, she said.

“It is not illegal for a person's pet cat to roam in the city as long as it's neutered and vaccinated,” Houghton said. “So, you know, innocent animals can get caught in these traps, and that’s why they’re illegal."

Houghton said ACS would like to find out who set the trap.

She said Oreo should recover but will have to get used to having only three legs.