The San Antonio Fire Department is urging residents to celebrate the 4th of July holiday safely and legally.

Following are some facts concerning illegal fireworks:

  • Every year hundreds of grass fires are caused by the illegal use of fireworks within our city limits.
  • In 2010, an estimated 15,500 fires nationwide were the result of fireworks in the hands of those not trained to use them.
  • Across the country there were 8 deaths, 60 injuries and $36 million dollars in direct property damage caused by fireworks.
  • 8,600 people were seen in hospital emergency rooms as a result of fireworks injuries with children being injured twice as often as adults.
  • Sparklers, which many adults put into the hands of children, burn at 1200 degrees and cause serious burn injury.
  • As the 4th of July holiday approaches we urge citizens to celebrate safely.
  • Within the city limits of San Antonio it is illegal to sell, purchase, possess or discharge fireworks.
  • You may be fined a minimum of $250.00 for a first offense and charged with a Class C misdemeanor.
  • The maximum fine is $2,000.00. Each offense brings a steeper fine and a heftier criminal record.
  • We encourage residents who reside in the Alamo City to attend a permitted public display. Visit our Facebook page at for times and locations.