At Children's Hospital of San Antonio on Wednesday, hospital staff lined the hallways, some in full costume, and passed out candy to the patients who have to spend their Halloween in the hospital, rather than going door-to-door in their neighborhoods.

"It's great. It's one of the best hospital stays that we've ever had. It was a great experience. A great staff. We love this place. The girls are happy and it's been a great experience," said Fabian Durmmond.

His 22-month-old daughter had to spend some time in the hospital for respiratory distress.

The hospital staff seemed to get as much out of the festivities as the children.

"It's also a break from their normal routine. We take of a lot of really sick kids here and it gives them a chance to also bring something normal to their own lives during the course of the workday," said Marcy Doderer, an administrator at Children's Hospital of San Antonio.

At University Hospital, a smaller -- yet no-less enthusiastic -- group did the same thing.

"We want to make sure that the kids that are here in the hospital missing out on what other friends and family are doing. We want them to make sure we can bring some of that inside," said MaryEllen Michaelidas, a registered nurse and head of pediatrics at University Hospital.

At Methodist Children's Hospital, an IV pole-decorating contest was held for their Halloween festivities.

Images: Children's Hospital Halloween Party

Published On: Oct 31 2012 03:56:57 PM CDT

Hospital stays for children can be pretty rough and they can get even more depressing on holidays. But a few hospitals in the area went above and beyond to make their little patients' Halloween a little more like home.

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