Construction underway at new Habitat for Humanity subdivision

Morning Star Terrace will provide housing for 14 low-income families

Author: Isis Romero , Anchor,
Published On: Nov 30 2012 05:16:39 PM CST

Construction kicked off Friday at Habitat for Humanity’s newest subdivision, Morning Star Terrace, located on the city’s southwest side. 

The subdivision will house 14 low-income families, many of which are helping during construction.

“It’s a thrill being able to work alongside my other neighbors (and) getting to know them,” said Stephanie Campbell, who is a first-time homeowner. “Helping the community out as well, on other people's houses."

Approximately 60 volunteers showed up on Friday to assist in construction, while double the amount is expected on Saturday.

“We are very much an empowerment program, and we say we give a hand up, not a hand out, to our families,” said Stephanie Weise, with Habitat for Humanity.  “Just that stability that our families are going to have, the benefits of home ownership are really going to help families and help their children.”

The City of San Antonio donated the land, on which the subdivision will sit.