If you're hosting a holiday party and you want to save time and money, the supermarket freezer may be worth checking out.

Consumer Reports tested 18 frozen appetizers, including tacos and taquitos, mozzarella sticks and spinach pies.

TGIFriday's Mozzarella Sticks often leaked, leaving a cheesy mess.

Of the six mozzarella sticks tested, only one turned out to be very good: Farm Rich Breaded Mozzarella Sticks. 

Testers thought the other five were mediocre.

The lowest rated of the Mexican appetizers were Delimex Chicken Taquitos.

The best of the bunch were Greek-inspired spinach pies or spanakopita. All six tasted very good, according to testers.

Costco's Cuisine Adventures got top ratings. Another good choice, they said, were spinach pies from the Fillo Factory.