Consumer Reports tests wireless speakers

Edifier Spinnaker, Sonos Play Three earn recommendations

Published On: Nov 22 2012 05:26:36 PM CST   Updated On: Nov 22 2012 05:55:35 PM CST

If you like to crank up your tunes on your smart phone, tablet or computer, wireless speakers may sound like a great idea.

Consumer Reports tested eight systems that cost between $200 and $650. They use either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi technology.

"Bluetooth speakers work with lots of portable devices, and generally, they're easy to set up," said Consumer Reports' Jim Willcox. "But they're really designed to work in the same room as the device that's playing your music."

If you want to play your music in different rooms, you'll want speakers that work with Wi-Fi.

"Nearly all Wi-Fi speakers require that you already have an existing  home wireless network," Willcox said.

Be sure they are compatible with  your devices, too.

For Bluetooth, Consumer Reports recommended the  Edifier Spinnaker system for $350.

The top Wi-Fi choice was the Sonos Play Three System. It's also $350, and you can stream music from dozens of online services like Pandora and Spotify.