Convenience store clerk terrorized during robbery

Quicky Mart in Pasadena robbed by masked, armed men

Published On: Oct 10 2012 03:52:05 AM CDT   Updated On: Oct 10 2012 04:21:08 AM CDT
Quicky Mart Robbery 3

Two masked men robbed a Houston-area convenience store at gunpoint, and it was all caught on camera.

Allan Alvarez said he was about to close up a Quicky Mart in Pasadena about 10:45 p.m. on Oct. 1 when two men stormed into the store and put a gun in his face.

Alvarez said one of the men covered his face with a green bandanna and the other wore a Halloween mask.

"He just asked me to put the money in a bag," Alvarez said. "I just put my hand up and I give them the register."

Alvarez, 27, said he did not put up a fight. He decided to just let the armed men take what they want.

"The only thing I told them was don't do nothing. Just don't shoot because I have a family," he said.

Pasadena police said the men took the money in the register plus about $1,000 worth of lottery tickets, investigators said.

Photos: Quicky Mart robbed at gunpoint

Published On: Oct 10 2012 04:18:47 AM CDT

Two men, one wearing a Halloween mask, rob a Pasadena convenience store. Take a look at surveillance photos.

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