Dream weddings come in all shapes and sizes, but few can claim to be held in the layaway section of a Walmart store.

Susan and Wayne Brandenburg, of Southport, N.C., said they decided their local Walmart was the perfect setting for the nuptials because it would be something different, and it was where they first met, WECT-TV reported.

According to the TV station, Susan was working at the store and Wayne shopped there often -- a romance soon blossomed.

"She was a cashier at the time," Wayne told WECT. "I kept coming through and seeing her. My (former) wife died seven years ago, and I asked (Susan) out. For some reason, she said yes, and it went from there."

The store-aisle ceremony was attended by family, friends and a few passing shoppers.

"I love him and I'm going to stay with him for a long, long time," Susan told the TV station.

There's no word on whether the newlyweds plan on indulging on some everyday low prices at other Walmart stores on their honeymoon.