The San Antonio Fire Department expects an increase in emergency calls due to flooding between 8 p.m. Tuesday and 8 a.m. Wednesday.

Another round of potentially heavy rain is expected to push through the Alamo City during that time.

San Antonio's Public Works Department has barricades loaded into trucks and crews on standby to distribute them should roads need to be closed due to flooding.

If barricades are in place and drivers go around them, they could face a hefty fine in addition to putting lives at risk, says SAFD spokesman Christian Bove.

“Not only is it a Class B misdemeanor that could get  you up to a $2,000 fine, if the fire department has to go out there and rescue you, you could be charged up to $400 per person in the vehicle,” said Bove. “That’s you and your passengers as well.”

Bove reminds drivers that it only takes 6 inches of water to life a car or truck off of the road. The best piece of advice, he adds, is to stay home if you don’t have to get out in the wet weather.

If you see a flooded street that needs to be closed, you can call 311 to notify the city.