A popular park on the city's west side was given some new operating hours on Thursday.

Woodlawn Lake Park used to be open 24 hours a day. But Thursday morning, City Council members voted unanimously to impose a curfew, from midnight to 5 a.m.

Many people who live in the area said the reduced hours are a good thing.

"I agree with it, I think we should have a curfew," said Ted Guerra, president of the Jefferson Neighborhood Association, a group of homes right near the park.

The new rules are simple: Nobody on park grounds during that five-hour stretch, or risk a citation from park police.

"Our park has never had a curfew, but all the other parks have had a curfew," said Guerra. "It's a shame that we need to resort to something like that."

The problem lies with crime, he argued.

He said more and more people are causing trouble once the sun goes down.

The majority of the crime, neighbors said, centers around open areas of the park, like basketball and tennis courts. People said they've seen everything from graffiti to drug dealing to prostitution.

The curfew begins 10 days from now, leaving park police with the task of letting people know.

"They'll be talking with the patrons in the park and letting them know, giving them some time to adjust," said Kelly Irvin, of the San Antonio Parks and Recreation Department.