DA 'troubled' by drunken driving cases

Repeat offenders continue to be problem

Author: Paul Venema, Reporter, pvenema@ksat.com
Published On: Jul 06 2012 05:19:08 PM CDT   Updated On: Jul 06 2012 05:46:03 PM CDT

On the Fourth of July, James Bond, 40, was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving following a crash that sent three people to the hospital.

Just two months earlier, Bond (pictured) was arrested for the same offense after he ran into a utility pole leaving 2,900 customers without power.

Bond's arrests are among the many drunken driving cases that trouble District Attorney Susan Reed.

“We’re seeing them drive once and get arrested and then go back out a drive again,” said Reed. “We are, in this office, doing everything we can.”

Several recent drunken driving trials in San Antonio have ended with juries placing drunken drivers on probation after they plead guilty.

“That’s an acceptance of responsibility and that’s good, but it still doesn’t mean that that person should not be held accountable," Reed said.

Reed said that the solution to the drunken driving problem rests squarely on the public.

She said, “This is completely and totally up to the citizens of our community.”