DREAMERS look forward to immigration compromise

Outspoken opponent: 'Go to the back of the line'

Published On: Jan 28 2013 06:15:33 PM CST

Those like Diego Mancha, of the San Antonio Immigrant Youth Movement, consider the bipartisan outline for comprehensive immigration reform “a step in the right direction, at the right time.

However, others, like George Rodriguez, an outspoken opponent of illegal immigration with the South Texas Political Alliance, said, “Fine and dandy, let’s go to the back of the line and follow the proper procedures and process.”

Mancha said he was brought to the U.S. from Mexico City by his parents at age 4, but attends UTSA under the “Texas Dream Act” that allows him to pay in-state tuition.

He is a Mexican-American Studies major, with concentrations in politics and Spanish.

“This a step forward and hopefully, we can push more,” Mancha said.

Although many DREAMERS may have never thought immigration reform was possible after the Dream Act was defeated in 2012, Mancha said President Obama’s re-election changed his outlook.

“I saw this coming after the elections and the Latino turn-out,” Mancha said.

However, Rodriguez said Republicans should not back down in their opposition.

“They should not be cowering in the corner over immigration,” Rodriguez said.