Defenders Blog: Waste Not, Water Not

SAWS has its water list, and it's checking it twice

Author: April Molina, Investigative Reporter,
Published On: Apr 27 2012 11:16:50 AM CDT   Updated On: May 22 2012 10:38:05 AM CDT

So, it is the time of year again when we watch the aquifer level closely, keeping an eye on our most precious resource.

Coming out of a dry winter, it is the end of April and the city of San Antonio is in Stage One water restrictions, on the cusp of moving into Stage Two.

It is the also the time of year when neighbors watch neighbors; after all water is a shared resource.

SAWS has it's own water patrol, but they can't be everywhere at all times, which is where you come in.

Reporting water wasters can be done by phone or online. Once an enforcement officer is sent out, a warning is issued, however if the violation happens in view of an officer, a citation can be issued without warning.

You should also know there is a SAWS water waster list, the kind you don't want to be on - a list that will get you special attention and few extra drive bys.

So here is how you stay off the list:

In any case, you can always hand water, with a hose or watering can, any time, any day.