Residents of a neighborhood near John Jay High School said they've been terrorized a few times a week for years by the students who go there.

Video sent to KSAT shows dozens of students gathering in the road near Marbach and Woodgate, many of the meetings end in fights.

Neighbors said it happens at least twice a week, often times stealing things, damaging property, even assaulting people who try and drive through the crowd.

“I feel like a prisoner in my home,” said one woman, who won’t let her young children out of the house.

In one video, one police car shows up, and the crowd disperses only after an officer shoots pepper spray into the air.

“They’ve done that before though and the kids always come back,” said a neighbor.

Northside Independent School District said it has suspended a few of the kids in the video, but beyond that, there isn’t much they can do because the incidents happen off school property.

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