The average price of gas is falling in Texas. But at $3.32, drivers are hoping they won't climb any higher.

"We're coming from Dallas so we've been road-tripping for a couple of hours," said Ryan Bergmann.

Bergmann was passing through New Braunfels Sunday when he noticed the price of regular unleaded gasoline at the newly-opened Buc-ee's was $2.97

"We were here the other day, it was like $3.07," he said. "Now, today, it's under $3. Crazy. I haven't seen that in a while."

Others, like HEB and Murphy's USA, were also under the $3 mark, and that's sparking a lot of interest at a time when gas prices have been rising -- not falling.

"It's great," said Ashley Guerra.

A New Braunfels resident, Guerra commutes to Austin every day for work. To see the price of gas like this is almost jaw-dropping.

"This is awesome for me," she said.

But other convenience stores aren't playing along. A few stations just across the highway from Buc-ee's were selling gas near the average price.

Rachel Herman, a convenience store manager in Austin, tells us stations that offer cheaper gas are making up the difference because they're selling it in bulk.

"You can lower your gas prices by a couple cents and if you're increasing how much you're selling, then you're still making the same amount of money," she said.

But the real sales come with all those have-to-have items inside the store. Herman admits that gas isn't a big money-maker.