Editorial: Alamo Plaza

Published On: Aug 24 2012 02:29:39 PM CDT   Updated On: Aug 31 2012 12:00:13 PM CDT

The General Land Office is making some changes at the Alamo and we think it's high time the Alamo gets some much-needed respect.

After an intense investigation, the state had plenty of good reasons to give the General Land Office stewardship over the Alamo.

That office now is in the process of putting the Alamo back on track to help realize its full potential.

It's a sacred shrine and nobody should make light of that.

But the Alamo should and could become so much more than it currently is today.

Some changes are absolutely called for and sorely needed.

In fact, aside from much-needed repairs, we need to rethink the entire Alamo plaza.

We are anxious to see how the state will make this Texas shrine a respectful and educational place to visit for all of us.