Elderly man needs help removing large beehive from south San Antonio neighborhood

Antonio Serna, cancer patient, said he can't do anything about it

Published On: Jan 30 2013 09:30:49 PM CST   Updated On: Jan 31 2013 01:43:21 AM CST

Some neighbors on the city's South side are worried about a large beehive, dangling above a busy street. The hive is right over the 1900 block of Ann Arbor.

Zoila Mendieta said she noticed the hive a few weeks ago and that she is afraid to go outside.

"Every time we sit out here in the front, there's a lot of bees coming around," said Mendieta. "So, we have to go inside."

Antonio Serna, 73, lives across the street from Mendieta and actually owns the tree with the hive so, he called the city for help.

Code Enforcement staff did come out a few days ago, but Serna said they told him that the since the hive is attached to his tree, it is his responsibility.

"She comes and tells me that this is my problem because this is my property," said Serna. "This is not my property because it is in the street and the street doesn't belong to me."

Serna said Wednesday that not only is the beehive dangling over a public street, but he also is going through chemotherapy and to take care of something like this right now would be a hazard to his health.

"I have cancer," said Serna. "And, I have a bunch of things in my stomach and my chest and the doctor told me not to be doing anything. Now, they are telling me that they want me to climb the tree and go get it."

Mendieta said she is also concerned about her grandchildren, especially now that the winds have been so heavy. So, she said she is keeping them indoors.

"I have two grandchildren that are allergic to bee stings," she said. "So, I can't even take a chance."

KSAT did contact the city's Code Enforcement Department. Directors said Wednesday that they will be looking into it.

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