Explosion, flash fire burn southside man

Firefighters say apparent gas leak causes explosion, damages house

Author: Matt Rivers, Video Journalist, mrivers@ksat.com
Published On: Oct 13 2012 01:34:15 PM CDT   Updated On: Oct 14 2012 07:20:27 PM CDT
House Explosion Image

A flash fire and explosion injured a southside man and damaged a house Saturday morning.

Firefighters said it appears a leaky space heater is to blame.

The fire and blast happened at 11:30 Saturday in the 800 block of McCauley.

Firefighters found the burn victim inside the shower, trying to ease the pain of a flash burn.

Investigators said the man told them he had lit a cigarette before the explosion.

Gas from a space heater apparently caused the fire and blast, investigators said.

The explosion blew a wall partially out, which a neighbor had to pull to get into the house to help the burned man.

EMS transported the victim to the hospital.

The extent of his burns is not yet known.