What appeared to be a missile-type explosive device managed to rattle nerves Thursday in far West Bexar County. But investigators said the device found in the Wolf Creek subdivision was harmless.

"A training missile is what it was. It was a small training missile," said Bexar County Emergency Management Coordinator Kyle Coleman.

Coleman said a passerby discovered the suspicious device around 8:30 a.m. Thursday on a sidewalk near the corner of Barking Wolf and Firefox Den.

Sheriff's deputies and the San Antonio Bomb Squad responded, alerting neighbors to the discovery.

"The firefighters knocked on our door and told us that somebody left a suspicious device by the light post," said Danielle Nolasco, a resident. "So we looked out the window and it was a little missile."

Nolasco, who was nursing her feverish 9-month-old daughter and chasing behind her active 3-year-old son, said the news caused her to worry and her imagination to go into overdrive.

"I didn't know what to think because nothing like that ever happens over here," she said. "I thought about all the stuff that people are saying are going to happen tomorrow, and I know it's not going happen. I thought maybe somebody was trying to play a joke."

Other neighbors wondered how the military-style device ended up in the residential area.

Investigators said they can only guess at the possibilities, although they have been seeing these sorts of devices more often lately.

"They may sell these things at flea markets. You never know where they get these things," Coleman said.

Coleman said the training missile was not capable of exploding and was not dangerous.

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