Family thanks Bexar County firefighters for saving toddler's life

Trent Ott, 2, nearly died from 250 fire ant bites

Author: Katrina Webber, Reporter,
Published On: Feb 15 2013 04:20:23 PM CST   Updated On: Feb 15 2013 04:38:24 PM CST

The family of Trent Ott, age 2, took time to show their appreciation for a Bexar County District 7 fire crew that saved the toddler’s life last December.

The boy, along with his parents, brother and other relatives, dropped by the District 7 fire station on Galm Road Friday morning, and brought the crew a feast of breakfast tacos.

The family also presented them with a framed picture of Trent and his brother, Blake, 4 — small tokens of their appreciation for the crew’s lifesaving efforts.

Trent was playing in the backyard of his parents’ far West Bexar County home on Dec. 8 when he accidentally stepped in a mound of fire ants in his playground.

"He had just stepped in the mulch bed and was covered in over 200 to 250 ants,” said Ashley Ott, Trent’s mother. "My first reaction was to go and get the water hose and get them off as fast as possible."

But Ashley Ott said she quickly realized her son was in need of serious medical attention when he “started having hives and then throwing up. "

All of the venom had caused his body to begin shutting down.

Ott said she tried to drive Trent to a hospital, but came upon a road in her neighborhood that was closed off due to an accident.

Luckily, a fire crew working the crash scene was able to help, just as Trent stopped breathing.

They administered medication to stabilize the little boy.

"Allergic reactions happen all the time. But as many (bites) as he had on him, I've never seen anything like it in over 20 years,” said Captain Kelly Varwit. "It scared me as a father to see a child with no color, not breathing very well.”

Two months later, the toddler is healthy and happy, although a bit shy.

Trent clung to his parents as they greeted the fire crew for the first time since that frightening day.

"I mean, they're angels. They saved my son's life," said Matthew Ott, the toddler’s father.

With barely enough time to enjoy their reward, an alarm sounded, calling the crew of “angels” to another life threatening scene.