Father teaches daughter a lesson through manual labor

Punishment for teen daughter fits the crime

Author: Cory Smith, Reporter, csmith@ksat.com
Published On: Dec 23 2012 09:33:21 PM CST   Updated On: Dec 23 2012 10:01:41 PM CST
fence builder

Skylar Arroyo and her father Eugene Meduna spent some quality time together Sunday, re-building a fence for a homeowner on the city’s northeast side. It was not a labor of love or charity. It was a father teaching his daughter a lesson.

While she was grounded, Skylar snuck out of her house to go see her boyfriend. Along the way, she lost control of the car she was driving when she tried to navigate a sharp turn.

“I tried to turn but it didn’t work out to well, she said. “I ran into this fence all the way up until the house. I barely stopped about a foot before I hit the house.”

After he knew his daughter was safe, Meduna’s thoughts quickly turned to how much it was going to cost to repair the fence. That’s when he got an idea.

“To teach her a lesson and to try and keep an insurance claim down we're out here building a fence for this lady,” Meduna said.

The pair spent the afternoon pouring concrete and setting the fence’s posts. They plan to return on Monday to finish the job. Meduna said the incident was a teachable moment.

“I'm trying to teach here that there's consequences to your actions and you got to pay the fiddler.”

He also admitted that despite the circumstances he was happy to spend time with his daughter,

“It's been good for me other than expensive,” he said.

Skylar saw things differently. She told her father “you haven't done much, I've done most of the work.”

Meduna replied “that's the idea.”