Fire marshal calls for emergency burn ban meeting

No official ban on fireworks in place yet

Author: Stephanie Serna, Reporter,
Published On: Dec 26 2012 05:52:59 PM CST   Updated On: Dec 26 2012 06:34:25 PM CST

With the dry and windy conditions outside moving from severe to extreme, and after two red flag warnings and several fires, including a fire on Tuesday that burned more than 400 acres on the county's east side, Bexar County Fire Marshal Craig Roberts is calling for an emergency meeting with Bexar County Commissioners on Thursday to ask for a burn ban.

"Based on the dry conditions that we are having right now, the wind conditions that we are having right now and the kind of vegetation conditions that we are having right now, we're getting prepared just in case there are fires," said Roberts.

Roberts said with the drought index up 35 points in eight days, the conditions are getting drier faster than expected or forecasted.

And while there hasn't been an official ban on fireworks yet, Robert said Wednesday that now more than ever, people need to use caution.

"There have been no fireworks restrictions at all," said Roberts. "But, they still need to use caution because if the top of your trees are moving around, that's obviously not the time to be shooting fireworks up into the air."

Roberts said they will be patrolling the county, especially Sunday and Monday night.

However, he is reminding the community that those who do choose to set off fireworks will be held responsible if anything goes wrong.

"People need to be aware that the improper use of fireworks that causes a fire, they can still be charged with arson," he said.