Dozens of kids at Camp David in Kerrville are enjoying their week at summer camp. But this camp is not just for anyone. It is an annual Burn Camp for young survivors of traumatic burns.

One of those survivors is 11-year-old Sean Bigalow.

"I was in a car fire. I got burned on 72 percent of my body," said Bigalow.

Bigalow received burns on his body after a car fire when he was just a year old. He does not remember the accident, but his scars remain. Bigalow is just one of many kids who are taking part in the camp, which invites survivors aged 7 to 15.

On Wednesday, they were joined by some of their personal heroes: the San Antonio Fire Department.

"A lot of these children suffered horrific injuries over the years and sometimes the first face they see or saw was a firefighter, either rescuing them or treating them," said San Antonio Fire Department Chief Charles Hood.

It was a gesture not lost on Bigalow.

"I really like firefighters and I like to see them in person," said Bigalow.

The San Antonio Fire Department also raised over $2,000 for the camp after hosting a fishing tournament. For first-time visitor and firefighter John Moore, it was an experience he will not soon forget.

“I’m glad I came out, it’s a great experience, it’s inspiring to see these kids,” said Moore.

"These kids have a future and that’s something we need to look at every day and be thankful for," added Hood.

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