The Pearl Brewery has grown in both residential options and food choices.

In a year's time, it will have grown from four eateries to 10.

Under the direction of executive chef Jesse T. Perez, a San Antonio native who worked in Atlanta and Los Angeles for six years before returning home, Arcade Midtown will open Feb. 13. named it as one of the Top 40 most-anticipated openings in the country for 2013.

"For me, I take it as a challenge to make sure that we're doing everything that I planned on doing for the restaurant opening, so kind of just using it as motivation," said Perez, who plans to offer Americana fare. "For me, that was kind a strategic, in the nature that everybody can do what they're doing as well, and then I can bring something a little more Americana and people can come in and try something outside of what else is offered in the Pearl."

"It's that nice balance of a San Antonio guy who has gone out in the world and explored and been exposed to lots of different flavors and cooking styles and been in really sophisticated environments but has decided to come back home and invest in the community and be part of this new culinary community," added Elizabeth Fauerso, chief marketing officer at the Pearl.

Within the last few months, the Pearl Brewery has seen a number of new restaurants open: Boiler House, which calls itself a Texas grill restaurant; the Granary, a barbecue stop that also brews its own beer; and NAO, the Culinary Institute's fine-dining site which focuses on Latin and Central American cuisine.

"Everything is actually coming to fruition," said Fauerso. "There's been vision from an early point here, but it was a vision that probably a lot of people had trouble seeing. At night, it's full and people are coming here and saying, 'I don't know exactly where I'm going to eat, but I'm going to go to this neighborhood Pearl and explore.'"

"For me, there was no hotter spot, and I was lucky to be a part of this," added Perez.

An un-named gastropub style restaurant by former Luke executive chef Steve McHugh is expected to open mid-2013.

In addition to those 10 restaurants, two more will go into the Hotel Pearl, which is expected to open in 2014.