Drought in the Midwest this year is affecting corn and soy bean crops this year. Those are two ingredients that go into everything from artificial sweeteners to cattle feed.

The shortage could drive food prices up over the next year. Everything from steaks to sodas could see price increases.

Local shoppers said they'll do what they can to cut back if prices increase.

"Stop buying name brands and go for what is cheaper," said San Antonio resident Norma Alvarado

"Well I would probably not buy the name brand food and go to a generic brand to try to save a little bit," said Floresville resident Kyrissa Parsons.

It's not just the cost of groceries that's possibly going up. Dining out, even at fast food restaurants, may go up, too.

Because so many things are made from corn or soy beans, the price of some of your favorite menu items could see price increases.

However, some economists feel that restaurants might have a hard time passing on costs to patrons given the present low level of consumer confidence.

Either way, most local shoppers we spoke with seem resigned to that fact that they'll have to pay more at the grocery store. 

"What can you do? You've got to make a living and you've got to purchase the items that you do need," said San Antonio resident Mark Puente.