As the price at the pump shrinks for a twelfth straight week, some drivers are almost giddy.

"I think they're fantastic," said Mark Plummer as he filled up his guzzler for $2.99 at the Buc-ee's just off I-35 in New Braunfels. "It's worth driving for. I'm saving a lot of money."

San Antonio's average price, according to AAA, is $3.25 a gallon, 52 cents less than drivers were paying in April.

Now, with crude prices at an 18-month low and Europe consumption weakening, some oil industry analysts say U.S. drivers could be paying $2.50 a gallon by


The last time local drivers saw gas at that price was October 2010.

For now, prices hovering around the $3 mark may be fueling more summer travel.

Jenny Goodwin said falling prices were a factor in her family's four planned road trips.

"If the gas weren't at what it is now, we wouldn't be going in July," she said.

Although drivers have more reason to smile as they top off their tanks,  Plummer said the lower prices are all relative.

"We're almost thrilled to pay three dollars," he said. "Used to be, that was a lot of money. Now, we feel lucky."