Grocery stores are filling up with people trying to scratch the final items off of their grocery lists before Thanksgiving dinner.

"This is really for my mom. I already did mine, and she says, 'Can you go after work today?' I said, 'I'll go before work, not after work.,'" Sharon Antu said.

Some shoppers weren't there to fill their carts. They said they just needed to get a few items they forgot on their first shopping trip.

"I just came by and grabbed some stuff that my dad forgot," Michael Orlando said. "We always have to have turkey sandwiches afterwards, and he always forgets the fixings for it."

Turkey sandwiches are Orlando's tradition, but for Manuel Duran, it's smoked turkey. He was shopping for charcoal and lighter fluid on Wednesday.

"I've been doing the tradition of smoking my turkey for about 15 years now, and my parents did it when I was growing up, so that's why I do it," Manuel Duran said.

Kyle Cook is skipping the turkey all together this year. Her shopping cart was full of pasta, sauce and bread.

"I'm just going with what I like. I didn't feel like turkey this year. I like Italian, so we're going to have spaghetti," she said.