Team Better Block, a national non-profit group that specializes in 24-hour street improvement projects, is in the midst of temporarily transforming Broadway and E. Jones, a well known intersection north of downtown that has seen better days.

“We like to go into sites like this and just show all the things that you can develop to make them more active, engaging, alive, and economically viable again,” said Jason Roberts, Team Better Block spokesman.

The project is the group’s first in San Antonio. It is partnering with TBG Partners, a local architectural landscaping and planning firm,

Roberts said a vacant, boarded up building is being converted into an “active space” by painting it and bringing in landscaping.

He said more changes are being made to the surrounding area.

“We’re going to create a coffee shop, flower shop, art galleries, café seating outdoors,” Roberts said.

He said they’ve even put up tire swings in a nearby park, and create a rain garden in an area once filled with weeds.  

Roberts said the changes are temporary; although, often times, cities make them permanent.

“We do this around the country to show how you can revitalize spaces,” Roberts said.

He said an additional work will continue Sunday but should be complete in time for Siclovia, a special event along Broadway that encourages exercise and healthier living.