The city’s plans to use historic Alamo Plaza and adjacent Plaza de Valero as venues to attract San Antonians downtown are meeting with opposition.

Ken Pfeiffer, a spokesman for the Sons of the Republic of Texas, said his group is concerned the city’s efforts to commercialize Alamo Plaza will take away from the sanctity of the site.

“This space, the Alamo Plaza, needs to be respected. The Alamo heroes have no grave,” said Pfeiffer.

Friday night’s event featured live music, storytelling booths, and dinner on the plaza.

Pfeiffer said his group is not opposed to events on Plaza de Valero, which is outside the historic mission wall, but is leery of a carnival atmosphere at Alamo Plaza.

He is particularly opposed to any permanent structures erected on the plaza.

Another group, which includes some Native Americans, protested Friday’s event, opposing the sale of alcohol on what it deems “hallowed ground.”

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