A convicted felon was arrested last Friday in Caldwell County after authorities seized dozens of weapons, ammo, drugs and cash from his home near San Marcos.

Caldwell County deputies say 39-year-old Marcelino Aguirre was taken into custody after a visit by detectives and Child Protective Services.

CPS officials concerned about the welfare of a child visited Aguirre's home accompanied by detectives.

Authorities said Aguirre reached for a rifle during the visit and was placed under arrest.

Deputies then obtained a warrant to search the home and found methamphetamine, marijuana, $45,000, 31 handguns, 25 long guns, an AK47 rifle, two Russian SKS rifles, eight bullet proof vests and a large amount of ammunition. Six vehicles were also seized from the location, a release stated.

Aguirre was charged with unlawful possession of metal or body armor by a felon, unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon, and possession of a controlled substance penalty, the release stated.

Detectives said Aguirre was the subject of a long term investigation by federal, state and local law enforcement for a period of time.

During interviews with detectives, Aguirre stated he was at one time a Mexican Federal Police Officer.

Deputies said the investigation was ongoing and may lead to further recovery of illegal weapons, narcotics, and further arrests.