HEB Slimdown Showdown contestant has game

Brittany Ward wants to get onto basketball court again

Author: Ursula Pari, Anchor, upari@ksat.com
Published On: Feb 01 2013 05:01:36 PM CST   Updated On: Feb 01 2013 06:25:22 PM CST

At 26 years old, Brittany Ward never thought she’d be 255 pounds and full of excuses as to why she couldn’t got play basketball.

"I love basketball. I love to play basketball, I played all through high school. I played intramurals in college and I just can't get up the court like I used to,” said Ward.

That’s why she applied to be one of 25 HEB Slimdown Showdown contestants vying to win a $10,000 grand prize for the most remarkable weight loss makeover in South Texas.

She says she was a competitive athlete on the basketball court eight years ago, but has lost her edge.

Now, she is getting counseling and training on how to get that edge back.

“I just want to get back to having fun again, not having to worry about my classmate saying, 'Let's go do a mile' and [me saying] 'Oh, my back's going hurt or I'm going be so sore tomorrow or I'm going to be tired and I have homework,' or this thing. No more excuses. Just do it," she explained.

This May, Ward will be entering field training for her new career as an occupational therapist and says she needs to motivate herself the way she’ll be movtivating her patients.

Setting goals can be a stumbling block for her, but she says her education with the Showdown team is helping.

Their advice?

"Put as much thought behind your life, what you put into it as you do your job, you know ... what you get paid for. It's the same thing. This is a business they told us. So it's time to run the business of our bodies correctly," she explained.

KSAT.com will continue to follow Brittany Ward’s progress through the four month process with pictures and blogs.

You can follow along here as well at www.HEB.com/slimdown.