Juan Ramirez is 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs 311 pounds, and while he has gained two new additions to his family, he’s hoping to lose over a hundred pounds to be healthy.
He’s one of 25 contestants in the HEB Slimdown Showdown contest, which teaches those selected some ways to improve their health and lose weight at the same time.

Ramirez says he’s motivated by his his two new sons -- both adopted last year at the Bexar County Courthouse on Adoption Day.

"I want them to remember that we were active and did all these things, and we went to the parks and we played. I'm doing that now and with my weight, I'm struggling a little bit,” he said while explaining the need to lose weight.

His struggle stems from a lifestyle that has not included healthy eating, exercise or healthy thinking.

“It's not just a workout of our bodies, it's a workout of our minds. We have learned so much this week. I think I'm more mentally exhausted than physically exhausted. But it's given me really good tools to say, 'Hey, you're going to stumble, you're going to fall, but get back up and get back on track," Ramirez said.

He says he’ll need all the tools HEB is making available because he’s also adjusting to being a new father and balancing his worklife with his workouts, too.

“It's good because they are my motivation. My family is my motivation to continue, to wake up in the mornings, put in the work, to get it done because I want to be there for them,” he said.

The contestants have four months to lose weight and improve their health.

Full health screenings and educational training will help them navigate through the slimming process, and may save their lives.

The contestants will be blogging about their challenges and progress on   

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