The government of Haiti wants to make a formal art exchange with San Antonio.

A government minister has been sent to Texas to explore the idea of a Haiti-San Antonio partnership.

Minister Rose Ann Auguste doesn't speak much English, but the slides she brought to a UT Health Science Center lecture hall on Monday don't need much translation.

In oil and paint, the images are the hopes and dreams of a country that can be. Auguste believes the art may be part of the puzzle to rebuild Haiti.

"I really want people in San Antonio to know that Haiti is a country that is rich indeed. I wanted to share with them what I consider to be the wealth of the country," said Auguste.

The art is part of her presentation to medical students. The minister is in charge of human rights and poverty in a country where the extreme poverty rate is more than 50 percent.

"It's that creative wealth that we have that's going to get us out of our extreme poverty," said Auguste.

Auguste is visiting San Antonio to take in its rich art culture, hoping for an artistic exchange in which Haiti gives as much as it gets.

"Haiti can bring a lot to San Antonio, even as San Antonio can share a lot with Haiti," said Auguste.

Auguste met with Mayor Julian Castro on Monday to explain the link between art and the fight against poverty.

Most of Haiti's artists come from poor neighborhoods. Giving artists ways to earn and learn benefits Haiti and has potential to benefit San Antonio, she said.

"Haiti has warmth, Haiti has love, Haiti has solidarity. Haitian people are magical, it is a magical country."

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