Haven For Hope prepares for larger crowds due to cold

Freezing temperatures expected in San Antonio overnight

Author: Charles Gonzalez, Reporter, Anchor, cgonzalez@ksat.com
Published On: Jan 15 2013 06:05:00 PM CST
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Homeless shelters across San Antonio were preparing extra resources for larger crowds Tuesday night with temperatures expected to dip below freezing.
Evita Mendiola, a spokeswoman for Haven for Hope, said the shelter typically serve 500 people in its outdoor Prospects Courtyard, but during colder nights that number gets closer to 600. Haven For Hope makes room indoors for all of them by converting the dining hall to a massive sleeping area.
"Cold weather is something that Haven for Hope prepares for and takes very seriously," Mendiola said. "We do have lots of coats and scarves and extra blankets to accommodate."
Thanks to monetary and in-kind donations, Haven for Hope and other local shelters like the Salvation Army have never faced financial burdens during even the coldest of winters in the city.
Mendiola credited the Society of St. Vincent de Paul for churning out upwards of 100 extra meals a night during the colder days.
"We are always careful about our budget, and we do plan accordingly within our budget," Mendiola said. "It has not been a budgetary problem to invite those that need shelter into our facility whenever they're here."
Haven for Hope also has an outreach representative that drives around nearby neighborhoods and searches under highway overpasses looking for people who may not have a warm place to sleep during the colder nights.

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