Head baker at Nix Medical Center's Cafe Navarro retires

Sarah Farley worked at hospital for 60 years

Published On: Sep 26 2012 04:26:09 PM CDT   Updated On: Sep 26 2012 04:40:50 PM CDT

ix Medical Center's Cafe Navarro is losing their award-winning head baker. After 60 years, Sarah Farley is retiring.

The hospital's cafe has developed a big following, in part because of Farley's desserts.

"I've always cooked since I was about 14," she said. "I started cooking at home and (I've) been cooking ever since."

Farley's cinnamon rolls, in particular, bring in a crowd. She bakes them from scratch every Wednesday.

Houston tourist Shirley Sneed waited in line for the cinnamon rolls to come out of the oven.

"Our concierge at Riverside told us do not leave San Antonio without getting a cinnamon roll," she said.

Seattle tourist Preston Sheriff was sent to the cafe with the same mission.

"I've been here about 30 minutes already,"  he said. "I was in line the first time and they ran out so I have to wait for the next batch to come out."

The lines were longer than usual because word got out about Farley's retirement.

Her last day is on Friday so this would the last batch of cinnamon rolls she would bake.

"I'm not strong enough anymore like I used to be," said Farley. "It's much harder when you lose your energy, you know, and you can't get around quite as fast."

Although Farley won't be making desserts anymore, she said retirement will be sweet.

"I think I'm ready," she said. "I'm going to be around the house and in the yard since that's another thing I like to do."

A Nix Health representative said Farley's retirement doesn't mean the end of the cinnamon roll tradition. 

She said Farley passed on her recipe so they will be served every Wednesday, as usual.

Images: Nix Medical Center Head Baker Sarah Farley retires after 60 years

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Downtown San Antonio Hospital cook known for cinnamon rolls, desserts

Since 1952, Sarah Farley has been preparing sweets for patients, families and visitors to the Nix Medical Center.

Sarah Farley: 1955
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Sarah Farley at 21, in a picture taken in 1955.

Photo provided by Nix Medical Center