The latest list of jobs most in demand to fill from Alamo Workforce Solutions includes a new category this year.

The boom in the Eagle Ford Shale deposit has convinced the career building agency to now give energy it's due.

But it's not just petroleum engineers and roustabouts. The list of the most in demand jobs include truck drivers, business operation specialists, and plain old plumbers helpers, who alone could pull in an estimated $12 an hour.

For those looking for jobs like Dolores Mejia, it has been frustrating to hear there are lots of the type of clerk jobs she seeks.

"It makes me a little upset. I've been coming here for three months, at least 10 applications each time, and I'm still sitting at home," she said while wrapping up her visit to Alamo Workplace Solutions.

Mejia said she knows she needs more training and certification to qualify for those jobs. According to the agency's latest Targeted Demand Occupations study, office clerk jobs appear to be one type of employment showing marked growth.

Another area that continues to hold its place in the world of San Antonio employment is the aerospace industry.

Juan De La Rosa has been in and out of a job for four years, but just found a new job at an old company.

"This is the first company I ever worked for. It is really fantastic. I love this company," he said as he prepared to leave the agency with the good news.

The highest paying jobs on the list again focus on the Eagle Ford.

Petroleum pump system operators, refinery operators and gaugers on average can make $45 an hour. Roustabouts in the oil and gas industry are in high demand and can earn approximately $35 an hour. However the head of AWS, Eva Esquivel, noted that with the remarkable influx of companies, there is high demand and salaries could got quite a bit higher than that with competition.

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