A Judson Independent School District bus driver involved in a deadly bus crash recalls the accident and how he got 59 students off safely.

John Warren recalled what he was thinking moments before another school bus slammed into the school bus he was driving on Monday.

"It was very terrifying experience for everybody on there," Warren said. "I was shocked. It's not every day you see a vehicle coming at you in your lane."

The veteran bus driver had 59 students on board his Judson ISD school bus.

The youngest were just 4 years old.

They were headed down Foster Road on their usual route when another bus crossed the median and came barreling toward them.

"It all happened really fast. I tried to do the best I could," Warren said.

Warren said he hit the brakes and did his best to avoid the other bus but a collision was inevitable.

The moment the bus came to a stop, he turned to the kids.

"I wasn't injured, I was just shocked. I had to gather my thoughts. The immediate thing was to check on the students to make sure they were OK," Warren said.

The crash killed 63-year-old Dolores Martinez, a San Antonio Independent School District bus driver.

Warren said he feels lucky to be OK and especially thankful the students weren't seriously hurt.

He said he owes much of it to his training, that was put to good use that day.