An injured driver may have criminal charges waiting for him when he's released from a hospital, police said.

Police said the man was likely drunk when he crashed his sport utility vehicle into a tree in the 800 block of West Bitters Road early Wednesday.

The driver of the Nissan Xterra lost control of the vehicle and went into an apartment complex parking lot, crashed through a wooden fence and landed on its side in a low-profile tree, according to police.

The driver was transported to University Hospital with minor injuries, police said. Police plan to serve the driver a warrant to have his blood drawn while he's at the hospital.

Condo owners who live nearby said the crash is just the latest example of an ongoing problem.

"This is just a real dangerous curve, and there's been so many accidents. Now we don't have very much protection," Carolyn Kleiss said.

She can remember at least four accidents during the past decade. One last year was fatal, and in the last month a car took out eight fence posts in front of the condos.

She said one by one, trees have been taken out by crashes, and now she worries that he next wreck could wind up in someone’s living room.

“We wish the city would come and do something on this curve,” Kleiss said.

She has asked District Nine Council member Elisa Chan for help finding a solution.

Her office is working with public works to come up with a solution.