A San Antonio woman is going out of pocket more than $5,000 after a leak ruined her wood floors.

"If I stepped on the wood, water just came up from between the wood flooring slabs," said homeowner Kim Moore.

Moore said she was surprised to see the damage caused by the leak, but she was even more surprised after hearing back from her insurance company.

"He said, 'I can tell you that you're not covered for water damage in the foundation or under the foundation,' and that threw me for a loop," Moore said.

After a short visit from an adjuster, it was determined the leak did not originate from the foundation, but from behind the stove.

"I called the 800-number, they returned my call within a half an hour and then I was informed I had no water damage insurance of any kind," Moore said.

Long-time insurance agent Don Whitaker said it is unusual to have no water damage coverage on a Texas homeowner's insurance policy, but it is not unusual to have only partial water damage coverage.

Of the three types of coverage, it is the most common to have a clause that covers sudden and accidental discharge of water from a plumbing, heating or air-conditioning device.

The other two types could come at an additional expense.

"You have to buy back by endorsement and by cost, backup of sewer lines from water and you have to buy back water damage to your foundation," Whitaker said.   

In a competitive industry, it is important to be a conscientious consumer. If you don't pay for proper coverage up front, you may end up paying much more for it on the back end.