A woman who was shot in the face while jogging in Sunrise Park on Binz Engleman Road has been identified as Guadalupe Esparza, 45.

San Antonio police said witnesses told them the blast that hit her around 7 p.m. Monday was fired by a man with a shotgun in a car.

They said they believe Guadalupe Esparza was hit by a stray bullet and was not the intended target of the shooting.

Police said the shot may have been meant for someone on a nearby basketball court at the park in the 6500 block of Binz Engleman.

Just prior to the shooting, witnesses saw the man in the car arguing with people on the basketball court, police said.

"That's scary. I didn't know that happened. I didn't watch the news last night,” said Heather Johnson, a regular park visitor who only found out about the trouble when she arrived for her morning walk Tuesday. "I'm kind of concerned about that. I have my little daughter here and we're just coming to work out and exercise. So I'm only coming in the mornings (from now on)."

Johnson said the park tends to be less populated during the day, and she feels safer visiting it then than at night. 

Police did not release a description of the shooter or his vehicle.

After the shooting, Guadalupe Esparza was taken to San Antonio Military Medical Center.  

At last check, they said she was expected to survive her wounds.