A jury on Tuesday weighed the fate of 25-year-old Andrisela Ng, who was convicted of murder in connection with her daughter’s death.

They sentenced her Tuesday evening to 50 years in prison.

During the punishment phase of the trial, Ng’s ex-husband took the stand to testify on her behalf, describing her as a loving, caring person.

Despite the guilty verdict, he testified he couldn’t be sure whether Ng caused the injuries that killed her 2-year-old daughter, Gianna Espinosa.

In her closing remarks, prosecutor Catherine Hayes asked the jury to send a message with their sentence.

“What kind of message do you want to send to Bexar County? That we do not tolerate child abuse and we are going to send them away for a good amount of time when they kill their children,” said Hayes.

Ng’s defense attorney, Stephanie Boyd, literally begged the jury for mercy, citing Ng’s lack of a criminal record, and the testimony of several witnesses who described Ng as a good mother.