I meant to write this blog last week when the Manning, Tebow and Saints news broke, but held back for a few reasons.

First, I figured the sports weekend could only get better and it absolutely did.

Second, I wanted this article to include more than just the NFL.

And third, I just didn't feel like doing it last week so I figured I would make up some random excuses for not writing it. (See previous 2 reasons.)

The plan actually worked out in my favor and what we saw over the past seven days was pretty remarkable. There were several major stories shook the sports landscape, grabbed headlines, took over social networking sites and generally caused internet to explode. So without further adieu  I introduce to all you faithful readers, (thanks Chloe my dog)...the KSAT Ball Hog Blog Top 10 list of sports stories for the week. I associated a slideshow because a guy like me needs pictures to go along with words. Week in review sports slideshow.

1. Peyton to the Broncos.

It's not every year a 4-time MVP, Super Bowl champion goes on the market so I gave this story the top spot. Peyton-Watch was nuts with every team in the league desperate for QB ready to throw the kitchen sink at the guy. Interesting thing is, he hasn't played a down in a year and still has major injury concerns. Does any other QB get this respect? I don't think so.

2. Tebow to the Big Apple.

We just talked about respect. How about a second-string QB getting an media frenzy press conference and Hall of Fame attention? This is Timsanity people. How does HBO not do "Hard Knocks" with the Jets? Tebow-mania, Mark Sanchez's fragile state of mind, Santonio Holmes losing his mind, Rex Ryan cursing like a sailor, Antonio Cromartie's illegitimate children. Please make this happen HBO.

3. Saints get Goodell'd.

For the record, I'm very un-biased when it comes to this topic. As a Vikings fan, I'll always feel New Orleans stole the Super Bowl from the Vikes in '09. Of course, five Minnesota turnovers didn't help, but bottom line, the Saints got what they deserved. (Bitter rant now over.)

I was surprised by the severity of the suspensions, but Roger Goodell wanted to send a message to the league. Nice job Roger, now hopefully New Orleans never makes the playoffs again! (Bitter rant part 2 over. Let's proceed.) By the way, the slideshow does offer some comfort for Saints fans. Check it out.

4. NCAA Tournament.

My men' bracket may be shot, but I still got hope in the women's bracket! All kidding aside, great games over the weekend. I'm all for Cinderella, but it's good to see the power programs play each other with the Final Four at stake. I can't complain about the action except for the Baylor "dancing fan" video that's gone viral. Disturbing, yet hilarious.

5. Tiger back on the prowl.

How desperate is golf for Tiger to regain his form? Well El Tigre won his first PGA event in 2 and a half years and he's already the favorite to win The Masters! Makes sense I guess, it's not like I'd tune in to watch Charl Schwartzel. Who is the heck is that? Exactly my point.

6. Number retirement ridiculousness.

Want to know the difference between a franchise like the Spurs and one like the Warriors? Bruce Bowen gets his number retired in a classy ceremony and the fans boo loudly at Chris Mullin's ceremony.

It was uncomfortable to watch, but can you blame Warriors fans? The Spurs have won 4 titles in the past 13 years while I think Golden State hasn't even won 4 playoff series in the past 35! Seriously though, nice job by the Spurs retiring Bruce's number. I'm still waiting for Ray Allen to knock Bowen out...where's Steven Jackson when you need him...oh wait.

7. RG III, Andrew Luck wow at their pro-days.

The future of the NFL was on display last week and Robert Griffin and Andrew Luck put on a show. How is it that my Vikings pick third in this year's draft? This is my team for you. The top 2 picks are basically set in stone, but everyone was still compelled to watch Griffin and Luck work out anyways. It's called star power and both have it. How's RG III going to look in a Redskins uniform? Cowboys fans will soon find out.

8. Heat, Thunder...possible Finals preview?

OK, OK Spurs fans, I know I'm jumping the gun here, but I couldn't help notice during Sunday's OKC-MIA game the elite talent on the floor at the same time. Durant, Westbrook, Harden, Lebron, Wade and Bosh. You think the NBA doesn't want this? Why do I suddenly see Joey Crawford refereeing a few Spurs playoff games this year.

9. Hawks beat Jazz in 4 OT's.

I realize no one probably saw this game and neither did I, but the first quadruple overtime game in 15 years has to mean something right? OK, I'm clearly running out of ideas here.