Garza Food Market in the 7700 block of Somerset Road was shut down after failing their most recent health inspection with 34 demerits. Their violations included.

  • The inspector found a hose coming from the building leading to a hole filled with raw sewage.
  • Rodent droppings were found throughout the establishment and there was no hot and cold running water.

Metro Health said the business was closed due to gross unsanitary conditions and they have had no further contact with Garza Food Market. An inspector is being sent back out.

KSAT Behind the Kitchen Door found two phone numbers for the business, but both had been disconnected.

Culebra Meat Market #15 in the 2400 block of Guadalupe Street just flunked their inspection with 35 demerits. Their violations included:

  • The inspector found knives stored in between a table and wall, and the wall was soiled with meat debris.
  • Deli meats and cheese had no use-by dates.
  • Some raw chicken was tossed due to improper storage.

An employee said things looked fine now. She also said they are still waiting for a follow-up inspection.

The following schools just received perfect scores on their health inspections.

  • Burbank High School on Edwards Street.
  • East Terrell Hills Elementary on Bloomdale.
  • Lyndon B. Johnson Elementary on West Commerce.
  • Southwest Alternative Center on Dragon Lane.

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